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Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: The Greenhouse Effect: A Primer

Chapter Three: The Case Against Carbon Dioxide

Chapter Four: Global Temperature Data

Chapter Five: Peoria, IL All-time Records

Chapter Six: If Not Carbon Dioxide, Then What?

Chapter Seven: A Vast Green-Wing Conspiracy?

Chapter Eight: The Real Truth About Carbon Dioxide and Energy Usage 

Chapter Nine: Conclusions

Appendix: Web Resources

Appendix: Current Weather Trends



I have been interested in the weather and our climate for as long as I can remember.  I read my first college-level weather textbook when I was in the seventh grade.  I built my own weather shelter to keep track of maximum and minimum temperatures.  While not formally trained in this branch of science, I have extensive knowledge in this subject as I have and continue to read and learn as much as I can.  What I find surprising is that someone with no formal science training is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to lecture on climate change (yes, I am referring to former Vice President Al Gore). 

My overall view is that man's influence on climate is at best limited to a few tenth's of a degree Celsius.  From my chemistry perspective, carbon dioxide cannot be much of a factor as absorbance of radiation is always logarithmic.  Man's small increase in temperature is offset by the fact that carbon dioxide is an essential component for plant growth.  Thus, the good - faster plant growth - outranks any negative aspects of small temperature increases.  

Man's biggest influence on climate occurs on a more local level with the Urban Heat Island effect.  This occurs in our largest cities where much of the natural ground cover is replaced by buildings, concrete, and asphalt.  All of these surfaces absorb and hold heat making the urban areas much warmer than the surrounding unincorporated areas.   


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