EASC 121    





An introductory physical science class that surveys the fields of geology, oceanography, atmospheric science and astronomy.  An optional lab to this class, EASC 122, will apply earth science principles to lecture material.  Environmental concerns will be discussed in this class.  Suitable for students with minimal course work in the sciences and mathematics




  Test 1 Review Sheet  

  Test 2 Review Sheet

  Test 3 Review Sheet  

  Test 4 Review Sheet 

  Test 5 Review Sheet

  Assigned Papers

  Guidelines for written reports



You will have four assignments due using the Tutorial link provide above. 

 1.  Go to the Tarbuck/Lutgens page by using the Tutorial link.

2.  Click on Earth Science 10/e link (underneath photo of our text).

3.  Select any chapter link by title for any of your assigned readings that we have covered in class and click on that chapter title.

4.  Click on the multiple choice option which is on the left side of the chapter page.

5.  Answer the questions and then after you have answered all of them click on the button located at the bottom which says "Submit answers for grading".

6.  You will then get back a page which will have your graded results. At the bottom of that page fill in your name and submit the report back to my email address - I will then receive your results within a few hours.

7.  Each chapter is worth 10 points and I will tell you how many points you will get when I get your printout of your graded results.

8.  You must do this for any four chapters that we cover in class.

9.  You can turn in your assignments any time during the semester but all four must be turned in to me by Wednesday, July 16th, 2003.