Rhody Secondary Reading Attitude Assessment

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Directions: This is a tool to tell how you feel about reading. The score will not affect your grade in any way. You read the statements silently as I read them aloud. Then put an "X" in the box next to the letter that represents how you feel about that statement.

1. You feel you have better things to do than read.
2. You seldom buy a book.
3. You are willing to tell people that you do not like to read.
4. You have a lot of books in your room at home.
5. You like to read a book whenever you have free time.
6. You get really excited about books you have read.
7. You love to read.
8. You like to read books by well-known authors.
9. You never check out a book from the library.
10. You like to stay at home and read.
11. You seldom read except when you have to do a book report.
12. You think reading is a waste of time.
13. You think reading is boring.
14. You think people are strange when they read a lot.
15. You like to read to escape from problems.
16. You make fun of people who read a lot.
17. You like to share books with your friends.
18. You would rather someone just tell you information so you won't have to read to get it.
19. You hate reading.
20. You generally check out a book when you go to the library.
21. It takes you a long time to read a book.
22. You like to broaden your interests through reading.
23. You read a lot.
24. You like to improve your vocabulary so you can use more words.
25. You like to get books for gifts.

Grand Total:

Source: Tullock-Rhody R. & Alexander, J.E. (1980). A scale for assessing attitudes toward reading in secondary schools. Journal of Reading, 23 (2), 609-614. © 1980 International Reading Association.